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To the Community

Our team at the Athletic Club are thrilled that so many community members have reached out in anticipation of our opening. We thank everyone for their patience while we undergo the process of transforming the old Sears space into Jackson Hole’s new premier Athletic Club with state-of-the-art open gym as well as a large recovery area. As we enter the new year, we are working to be open as soon as possible. Expect our announcement of membership and amenity details as well as a Grand opening date soon.


Our team would like to thank you for your patience and excitement towards ACJH. We're excited to share that we have finally obtained our building permits. Construction has started and the space is really coming together. As we get closer to opening early 2024, we will release more information about memberships and a precise grand opening date.


After years of managing the athletic club in Wilson I decided to create a new updated club in the heart of Jackson Hole. During my years in the fitness industry, many clients would express that "the gym is intimidating". The new Athletic Club wants to change that vibe. Fitness centers are not only a place to workout but also can be a community where amazing people gather to interact with each other in a shared space and welcoming atmosphere. Jacksonites spend much of their time and energy striving to improve their health and themselves as well as repair their bodies from all their activities. I believe Athletic Club at Jackson Hole will offer a service that we all need. Our team is thrilled to provide a premier health, wellness and fitness club by the start of 2024. Stay tuned for further updates on equipment and membership details.


Thomas Halbach

OUR Vision

The Athletic Club at Jackson Hole strives to create a second home for members that provides a pleasant and friendly workout and recovery experience. Starting from scratch, we designed the club to have multiple areas that include a wide range of high quality equipment, complemented by features unlike any in town with saunas, hot tub and more. Our goal is to provide the community with a facility of hand-selected exercise machines from industry leaders for members to

Work Hard, Train Harder, Recover Faster

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